Soups at a Glance


Pork soup with mushroom and baby corn

Monsoon asked for some hot hot soup and here I am, a soup lover, serving you this fabulous minced pork soup    [….]


Chicken Rice noodles soup

Got a pack of thai rice noodles as a gift from one of my friend. This soup recipe was on the pack itself, just some minor tweaking here and there [….]


Beetroot Soup

I don’t remember exactly from where did I get this soup recipe, but made some modifications myself like adding the garlic and all and it tastes great.    [….]


Chicken Stew with Curd

A very easy recipe, light on stomach, but a burst of flavors.   [….]


Tomato and Egg Soup

For me ,the best part of winter is the abundance of colorful fresh veggies, and tomato is one of them. This tomato soup is a very easy and quick,   [….]


Curried Rice Noodles

A hearty one pot meal by itself, this rice noodles dish is best enjoyed on a rainy evening or Winter night. I have used readymade red curry paste for this recipe.   [….]


Palak Shorba

On a dark and gloomy night when it is raining cats and dogs, a comfort food is  [….]


Chicken and Corn Soup (2)

I was suffering from from some cough and cold and sore throat and was low on energy, this soup helped me tremendously to rejuvenate  [….]


Chicken Sweet Corn Soup

Chicken Sweet Corn Soup is one of our most favorite indo-chinese soup dish. Whenever we are in a chinese restaurant, I invariably order this soup for myself, no matter what the menu offers. Since this is winter and soup is an integral part of our dinner during week ends, [….]


Chicken n Noodle Soup

Happy Soupy Saturday friends !!!! It is a peaceful Saturday evening, there is nip in the air,, all 3 of us get proper rest after an eventful hectic week.. so it is time to do some leisurely cooking !! I was so occupied with office for the last couple of weeks that I have missed many  [….]


Chicken Stew – Indian Style

This is a simple recipe using chicken and vegetables [….]


Mexican Meatball Soup

Came across this recipe some time back in ‘Cook’s Book’ in facebook, liked very much, made some modifications according to my taste and ingredient availability [….]


Chicken and Pepper Soup

That day I was in a hurry, no time to do some elaborate cooking, hence used whatever ingredients were handy, mix them with chicken and then put it on gas stove [….]


Braised Pumpkin with chicken Soup

Got this wonderful recipe from the net. Original one has asked for crab meat which  [….]


Cauliflower Soup

This thick soup is a winter delight for us. Veggies can [….]


Cabbage Soup with Cheese Ball

Soup,,, ahhhh… the soul food. We love soup like anything specially during winter months. Since winter is knocking the door here in Bengal, I have started [….]


Peas and Mint Soup

This soup tastes best with fresh peas available [….]