Salad at a Glance

Potato Salad

Seasons last baby potatoes are used to make [….]

Lettuce Veggie Wrap

Saw something similar on a TV show and adjusted the recipe according [….]

Chicken and Pepper Salad

A super easy way to enjoy your salad with the perfect punch of [….]

Cauliflower Salad

This tasty and filling salad is a must have in my family during winter. Very easy to make, you can have any dressing of your choice, just spoon it over or serve as a side. A delight for the weight watchers [….]

Carrot, chicken and Sweet Corn Salad

The most important ingredient of a salad is its dressing which provides a different dimension of a otherwise simple salad. Another important point to be remembered is, take freshest [….]

Beet root and peas salad

Salad is an integral part of our dinner menu. My family loves it. On busy week days, it usually is a simple yet classic tomato, cucumber, onion salad, whereas on weekends I try to add colors [….]

Horiatiki – (Greek Salad)

Horiatiki is found in almost every fancy restaurant in India as Greek Salad. This salad bursts [….]