Orange Cherry Cake

This orange cherry cake is delicious to the core, with its super citrus-y flavor. I love to bake with fruits ( and nuts !!) and you may get a   [….]


Nutella Brownie

Made this irresistible brownies with only 3 ingredients within an hour and your whole house will smell heaven when it is in the oven.   [….]


Nutella Swirl Pound Cake

Tender and moist, this pound cake is  [….]


Dutch Apple Cake

Dutch, the land of tulips,windmills and canals, is also well renowned for its long timeline of historic ethnicity. Within this culture’s numerous recipes, I met this  [….]


Perfect Marble Cake

Finally, the perfect marble cake and this cake is quite special to me. This is the first cake my son has baked independently without any help,   [….]


Choco Raisin Cake

Ahha…My first ever cake where I have used whole wheat flour and olive oil instead of butter.   [….]


Coffee Cinnamon Cake

As part of my New Year resolution, ‘ A Cake a Week’ Challenge, this is the 2nd entry for the week, and this time it is a Coffee Cinnamon Cake.  [….]


Orange Apricot Cake

This year, my new year resolution is to improve upon my baking skill   [….]


Basic Sponge Cake

A basic sponge cake which I was trying for quite sometime but   [….]


Apple Walnut Cake

I had a wonderful experience last weekend when we, the Kolkata Food Bloggers’ have arranged for a first of it’s kind Bake Sale event. There I met a bunch of talents and  [….]


Espresso & Walnut Brownie

I have some serious weakness for good brownies and prefer it a bit gooey,, with [….]


Rich Chocolate Cake

Hello and Happy New Year 2014. It is new year and it is resolution time friends !! Last year, during this time I have started my blog with a target of posting atleast 100 recipes. I have ended the year with more than 150 recipes, and over 1030 facebook followers, who constantly [….]


Plum Cake

This year on Christmas eve, I took a risk. I didnot go to Nahoum, the famous baker of New Market from where I used to buy plum cake for years. Instead,[….]


Vanilla Choco Chip Muffin

Off late I have started getting confidence in baking, and this is my first try to make Vanilla Choco Chip Muffin. I was not very sure about the difference between muffin and cupcake. Became curious and after some googling got the difference to some extent.  What I understand is, muffin[….]


Prune Cake

Prunes are sweet and juicy dried plums with a number of [….]


Marble Cake

For me, marble cake is a classic childhood memory. May be that was the beginning of my stint with cooking, as I was [….]


Chocolate Chip Muffin

Starting this week, this is the turn of Archita Chanda Roy from Kolkata Food Bloggers. As you already know, we are celebrating ‘Know your Kolkata Food Blogger’s [….]