Cookies at a Glance

Honey Walnut Cookie

Suddenly got the urge to bake something, but time was too short to arrange for a cake. Then saw this adorable image of walnut cookie in the facebook [….]

Tutti Frutti Cookies

hese buttery, sweet pretty cookies are perfect for a quick treat with a cup of tea or coffee. Of late, I have started baking cookies during [….]

Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Bite

Nowadays I am making these quickies every Sunday. Great to have them as in between meals, they are amazingly tasty and the best part  [….]

Cherry Christmas Cookies

I have started blogging quite casually during January 2013. At that time, I really didnot have a vision or target as such, it was just a kind of noting down something which I love to do most. But, at the back of my mind I set a target and it was like, let me see whether I can cook and post at least 100 recipes [….]

Nankhatai – Eggless Indian Cookie

This is my first try to make nan khatai at home. Nan khatai is a kind of eggless Indian cookie made from gramflour, maida and ghee. A perfect accompaniment for tea / strong coffee,[….]

Oatmeal and Dryfruits Cookies

This Oatmeal Cookie is loaded with cranberries [….]