Polta Patar Bora or Fritters

I am very fond of vegetable fritter and there are a number of it present in my blog. Found this polta pata in my neighborhood small market the other day and bought immediately to make Polta Patar Bora. Actually this is the patol plant which gives us patol or parwal. The leafy part is bitter in taste , but if you can make fritters like this, you can have them with some rice and ghee. Specially if you are sick and not feeling like earing something, this dish will help you bring back your appetite. You can also make sukto out of it where the bitterness will be imparted by polta pata. Will share the recipe soon.

Polta Patar Bora

Ingredients for Polta Patar Bora

  • Polta pata – a bunch
  • Rice flour – 2-3 tbsp
  • Salt as required
  • Oil for frying

How to make Polta Patar Bora

This is how the polta pata look like when I bought the bunch from the market.

I checked each and every leaf from the bunch and discarded the wilted one.

Then I have washed them thoroughly.

Chop the leaves as thin as possible.

Add the rice flour with a pinch of salt. With a sprinkle of water bind everything together. Amount of rice flour would be minimum just to bind everything together. So add it in a gradual manner.

Make small tikki out of the mixture .Heat oil in a flat pan and shallow fry the tikki till crisp from all sides.

Thats it. Serve hot with rice and a dollop of ghee.

Polta Patar Bora
Polta Patar Bora
Polta Patar Bora