Pui Pata r Bora – Malabar spinach fritters

Trying my green thumb for some days now and this pui pata or malabar spinach is the outcome of one of my spree to put kitchen waste into a pot. After eating the leaves, instead of throwing out the stem, I place it in the dirt and yes, it has started new leaves. It make me feel so happy and when whenever I go to my tiny balcony and see the fresh green leaves dangling in the air. So one day, I just picked up few fresh leaves to utilize them

To cut it short, this pui pata r bora or malabar spinach fritters is the result of my experiment with fresh leaves. I have tried it with lau pata or bottle gourd leaves, but used the malabar spinach leaf and we were pleasantly surprised the way it turned out.

This is my malabar spinach leaves which I have harvested from my balcony garden.

Pui Pata r Bora

Ingredients for Pui Pata r Bora

  • Malabar Spinach leaves – 6 -7, cleaned
  • Poppy seed paste – 6 tsp
  • Besan or gram flour – 2 tbsp
  • Rice flour – 2 tbsp
  • Salt, turmeric, green chili,
  • Oil for frying
  • Kalo jire or nigella seeds – a pinch

How to make Pui Pata r Bora

To start with I have taken some poppy seed soaked in water for atleast 30 minutes. Then I grind it to a paste with a pinch of salt and one green chili. You should use as little water as possible while grinding the poppy seeds.

Take a bowl and add the besan and rice flour with salt and turmeric. Make a thin batter with water, and keep it on rest for 15 minutes.

Just before serving, Heat a flat pan and pour some oil onto it. Mix the kalo jire in the batter. Take one cleaned spinach leaf, put a spoonful of poppy seed paste onto it, fold the leaf neatly .

Dip it in batter and put it on the heated pan. We donot like a heavy coating so, you see, the batter is just to ensure that the stuffing is inside the leaf. Place few more leaves stuffed with poppy seed paste and fry them gently.

When one side is browned, flip and fry the other side.

Remove from the pan and serve hot with plain rice a ghee.

Pui Pata r Bora
Pui Pata r Bora
Pui Pata r Bora

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