Orange Marmalade

Orange marmalade reminds me of my childhood. Being an air force officer, my dad used to be posted at various locations and my mom used to take care of us at our hometown. Naturally when dad used to come home during his vacations, which usually coincides with our winter vacations and our joy was quite imaginable.

With all the goodies that dad used to bring for us, orange marmalade was one of the prominent item. We used to relish the fresh orange marmalade with bread and a glass pf milk as part of our breakfast and I simply like to go back to those tension free days.

Back to 2020, got some oranges piled up in my pantry and immediately it came to my mind to make orange marmalade. Searched the web , gathered knowledge, seen some videos here and there and bang !!! The slightly tangy, sweetish marmalade with the right amount of zest of oranges is on my table. I am so happy with the outcome that I am planning make another batch soon till the oranges are in season.

Orange Marmalade


  • Oranges – 8, approx 1 kg
  • Sugar – 2 Cups
  • Lemon – 1
  • Water – 1and 1/2 cups

How to prepare Orange Marmalade:

The very first ingredient to the orange marmalade is orange zest, the orange outer layer without the white pith underneath. So, after washing the oranges, I have used a potato peeler to carefully peel the oranges and get the zest. However, the white pith is also very important to give the right texture to the orange marmalade. Will explain you the same later.

This is how I have peeled the zest.

You may look at the peeler and underman that I have peeled only the orange part of it.

You have to be patient while preparing the orange marmalade as it is a time consuming work. Once I have peeled all the oranges, next step is to thinly slice the peels as shown below.

This is how it looks like once I have sliced all the peels. I have started loving the colours.

I have soaked the sliced peels in water and then juiced my oranges after removing the seeds. Please do not throw away the seeds, those are also required in the process. I have sliced my lemons too. Extract the juices and keep aside.

In a heavy bottomed deep kadai, pour the sieved juice along with water. and lemon juice. Collect all the membranes, piths including the seeds of the oranges in a white cotton cloth. I have collected the pith and seeds of lemon too. Tie all the 4 corners together and drop it in the pan with the sides hanging outside. Bring to a boil and simmer over low heat .

Cook till the orange zest becomes soft and the liquid reduces to 1/3 of its original volume. Now add the sugar and stir continuously till the sugar melts.

Remove the cloth containing the piths etc. Increase the heat and boil the juice vigorously.

Checking the doneness of orange marmalade:

Now the most difficult part is to check the doneness of the marmalade. I have used the cold dish check for the same. To do this, I have kept two ceramic plates in the freezer. When the marmalade seems to be thickened, add one drop of marmalade to the cold plate. wait for 30 seconds and then try to push the marmalade a bit using your finger. If it forms the wrinkle , it is done. If it is too liquidish, you need to boil it for some more time.

Once you are happy with the consistency, remove from heat and cool completely. In the mean time, sterilise your jar by dipping it in hot water. Include the lid also. Once the marmalade is cool, carefully place it in the jar. Cover with a lid and store in the fridge.

Orange Marmalade

We have enjoyed it with our home made bread. I have used it as a filling to my thumb print cookies as well.

Orange Marmalade
Orange Marmalade
Orange Marmalade

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Disclaimer: I have followed this recipe.

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