Begun bhaja – brinjal fry

Please don’t beat me to post these ‘bhajas’’, 😁, specially the bengalis, we know our ‘bhaja’ since childhood. A traditional bengali feast curated for birthday lunch comprises of ‘panch bhaja’ or five types of vegetable( sometimes include a fish too) deep fried in oil and served with sona mug dal or sobji dal. However, I am trying to give a twist to these simple bhajas with some masalas here and there. Like I have posted this ‘kumro bhaja’ few days back. 

This time I came up with begun or brinjal fried with one or dry red chilli and a fat pinch of kalo jire or nigella seeds. Found the recipe in a food group and tried immeditely. Surely it is a winner if you are a brinjal lover like us. I am sure it will taste even better during winter when we get plenty of fresh juicy brinjals in the market.


  • Brinjal -1, I chose the fat one.
  • Dried red chilli -2,
  • Kalojire / kalonji seeds -1 heaped tsp
  • Oil for frying
  • Salt and sugar – a pinch
  • Method:To start with, cut the brinjals lengthwise including the stems. ( lomba lomba begun bhaja, as we call it in bengali.) You should get 4 pieces from one brinjal. 

In a flat pan, add 2 tbsp of pil and heat it through. Now, break the dried chilis into two and put in the oil. Seeds might sizzle in the oil. Fry the chillis til change the color and then remove the chilli and keep aside. Seeds might float in the oil,.

Now add the kalojire or kalonji seeds and fry till you get the nice aroma.

Carefully place the brinjal pieces into the pan. The pan should not be over crouded and all the pieces should get the equal heat. If required , fry them in batches.

Fry over low heat after turning the pieces till it is brown from all sides. 

Once the brinjal is cooked through, sprinkle a pinch of salt and sugar onto the brinjal and remove from the oil using a slotted spoon.

Add back the fried chilli and serve hot.

Serve with piping hot plain rice, ghee  / Khichuri.










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