Jhinge khosa r bharta

Something with the waste and it is delicious. I have collected the jhinge or ridge gourd peels when I was making ‘ jhinge aloo posto’ and kept them in the fridge. Next day, I grind them with some green chilli and garlic and then fried it in mustard oil. It is yummy when you are having it with plain rice. Pure bliss, I must say!!


  • Ridge gourd/ jhinge peel – 3
  • poppy seed – 1 tbsp
  • Garlic – 4-5 pods
  • green chilli – as per taste
  • Salt, sugar, mustard oil
  • chopped garlic  – 1 tsp



Make a fine paste of peels, garlic , salt, green chilli and poppy seed using your grinder.

The paste should look like this.

Next heat a pan and add mustard oil onto it. When the oil is hot, add chopped garlic and fry a little till it releases the nice aroma.

Next add the ground peels and stir. Cook over low flame till the water evaporates.

Adjust the seasoning. When it starts giving a nice aroma and comes out of the pan, it is ready. Enjoy with plain rice.

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