Lichu r payesh – litchi kheer

Something sweet for you guys !! The lichee season has just finished and to celebrate this fleshy juicy delight, I have tried this litchi kheer or ‘lichu r payesh’ as we call it in bengali. Delicious is an understatement, if I may say. And since I am a bit late posting this, ( apologies for being plain and simple lazy), the lichee season is over and you have to wait for the next litchi season to try out this recipe. Nevertheless, If you can get hold of a fresh bunch of litchi , please do try and let me know, if you like it !!

Lichu r payesh

Ingredients for Lichu r payesh:

  • Fresh Litchi – 15-20 pieces
  • Paneer – 100 gms
  • Khoya kheer – 150 gm
  • Misti doi – bengali sweet curd – 2 tbsp
  • Milk – 500 gm, preferably full cream
  • Green cardamom – 4-5
  • Sugar – as required
  • Broken cashew , kismis – 2 tbsp

How to make Lichu r payesh:

Mix the paneer, khoya kheer and sweet curd thoroughly till the mixture is smooth without any lump in it. Keep it in the refrigerator.

Carefully remove the seeds from the litchi. Make sure the litchi remains intact.

Now fill the litchi holes with a spoonful of paneer-khoya-curd mixture. No problem if it oozes out of the litchi. Once all the litchis are filled up, keep them in the refrigerator.

Boil the milk with khoya, sugar and green cardamom over low heat till it becomes thick. Add the cashew kismis.

I have added some bayleaves as well. Once the milk has become thick and got the consistency of malai, remove from heat and cool it completely.

10 minutes before serving, carefully drop the filled up litchis into the milk.

Garnish with roasted and broken almond and you are good to go. It is deicious the images are not doing justice to the actual dish. Will try to update the photographs during next litchi season. Till then, enjoy the delicacy.

Lichu r payesh

Lichu r payesh Lichu r payesh

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