Bori diye Aam er Tok

Oh, my beloved Bori diye Aam er Tok. We had a pathetic summer this time where temperature rose to 40 degree and humidity has contributed its part to make it unbearable. Sad to say, this summer took toll to my other passion, my succulents, and I have lost some of them !!  Now to beat this heat, only thing you can do is cook a quick meal which is light, healthy and has a touch of tangy taste so that you tickles your taste bud to have something. Made this ‘tok’ cooked with raw mango and bori, a very bengali dried lentil balls. It could be a soupy kind or a little thickish depending on your requirement. The taste should be sweet and sour with a hint of green chili. Atleast we like it that way. Can be enjoyed with some plain rice during a hot and humid summer afternoon.

Bori diye Aam er Tok

Ingredients for Bori diye Aam er Tok:

  • Bori or dried lentil ball – 1 cup
  • Raw mango – 1, small, make thin slice
  • Potato – 1, medium, cut like straw
  • Mustard powder – 1 tbsp, soak in water with a pinch of salt
  • Salt, turmeric, sugar – as per taste
  • Panch foron, bengali five spice – -a pinch
  • Green chilli – 2-3 , sliced
  • Musard oil 

How to make Bori diye Aam er Tok:

Heat mustard oil in a pan. When it is hot, fry the bori till brown. Remove and keep aside.

In the same pan, add panch foron. When it splutters, add the potato straws with a pinch of salt and turmeric.

When potatoes started to brown, add the raw mango slices and cook till the mango become mushy. I slice ta mango really thin so that they cook in no time. Add the soaked mustard powder with salt, turmeric and sugar dissolved in some water. Mix well.

When potatoes are almost cooked, add some more water and when it starts bubbling., add the fried bori. Keep over low heat, boti will absorb water so add accordingly. If you like it soupy, add some more water.

Once the gravy reaches your desired consistency and bori has soaked the water, check the seasoning. Add sliced green chili and cover immediately to infuse the aroma into the dish. You may change the amount of sweetness or sourness or hotness as per your taste.

Serve it cold with plain rice.

Bori diye Aam er Tok

Bori diye Aam er TokBori diye Aam er TokBori diye Aam er TokYou may find my other ‘Bori‘ recipes here.

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