Chicken Roast with Cilantro Rub

Ho,, Ho,,Ho,, it’s Christmas!! And what is Christmas without good food? Ok, I had this Chicken Roast with Cilantro Rub this year. Though this year, 2018 is quite harsh for us, lost our near and dear ones, was medically unfit, too much work pressure,, blah blah blah,, but still , the year is going to end soon and hopefully the bad patch will be ended as well atleast I hope for the same from the core of my heart. So, planned this year’s Christmas lunch a homely affair with just a simple menu – one is this chicken roast and the other one is a caramel pudding.

For this chicken roast, I have used a different rub this time. To start with, I rubbed the chicken with salt and black pepper and after some time marinated the chicken with a cilantro, garlic, green chilli and lemon rub. The cooking medium I have used is our very own mustard oil and in a way a chicken roast is born with a special bong touch.

N.B. – While making a roast, I always prefer a small bird, they are easier to handle, takes less cooking time and comes out juicy.

Chicken Roast with Cilantro Rub

Ingredients for Chicken Roast with Cilantro Rub :

  • Whole chicken – around 700 gms
  • 1st rub:
    • Salt and black pepper powder
  • 2nd rub:
    • coriander leaves / cilantro – 2 bunches
    • garlic paste – 1 tbsp
    • lemon juice – a whole lemon
    • green chilli paste – as per taste, 1st rub already contains black pepper
  • Mustard oil
  • veggies – cauliflower, broccoli, baby potatoes, carrots, capsicum, whole garlic, small onions


Thoroughly clean the chicken and then pat dry using a kitchen towel. Now rub the chicken inside out with salt and black pepper powder inside out. Keep it for 30 minutes.

To prepare the second rub, I have taken two bunches of fresh coriander leaves. Wash them thoroughly and put in your grinder bowl. Then add garlic, green chilli and lemon juice to it. Add a generous helping of mustard oil as well and then give it a whiz.

Rub this mixture onto your chicken generously. Donot forget the cavity. Keep it like this for a minimum of 30 minutes.

While the chicken is being marinated, prepare all tour veggies. Keep them roughly of the same size.

Before starting the roasting, add halved lemon, small onions, whole garlic into the cavity of the chicken.

To start cooking, place the whole chicken with breast side town onto a baking tray. Pour the remaining marinade all over and place all the veggies on the sides.

Pre-heat the oven at 180 degree centigrade and then place the baking tray. I have used my microwave in convection mode. I cooked it at 180 degree and the total cooking time is 1 hour 15 minutes. Though it may varry from oven to oven. So I always check the doneness after every 25 minutes. While checking, I have put a spoonful of mustard oil onto the chicken and the veggies. For the last 25-30 minutes, I have turned the chicken with breast side up and cooked again. Once the chicken is cooked ( you may insert a fork onto the chcken thigh, if the juice runs clear, it should be done). Remove it from the oven and keep covered for 15 minutes to retain the moisture.

serve hot.

Chicken Roast with Cilantro Rub

Chicken Roast with Cilantro Rub

Chicken Roast with Cilantro Rub

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