Chingri aloo bati chorchori

One of our favourite comfort food is bati chorchori, as we call it. You put everything in e deep bati or bowl, then slow cook to perfection and add a spoonful of pungent mustard oil at the end and cover it immediately to seal the smell. 10 minutes of standing time and a lipsmacking dish is ready to be served with hot rice. You can have a vegetarian variety or make it a fishy affair by adding fresh small fishes or ‘chingri’ or prawn. Don’t forget to add few green chillies for that extra zing please !!


  • Potato – 2 medium, peeled and chopped
  • onion – 2 – chopped
  • green chillies – sliced, as per taste
  • small prawns – a handful, cleaned and deveined
  • salt, turmeric
  • mustard oil – 2 tbsp
  • Coriander leaves – 2 sprigs – chopped
  • tomato – optional, I didn’t use, but gives an extra zing


Saute the prawns with a sprinkle of salt and turmeric and keep aside. in a deep vessel/wok, pile all the ingredients except prawns and coriender leaves.

Sprinkle salt and turmeric.

Add sufficient water so that the ingredients are submerged. Pour the mustard oil over the top and give a good stir.

Now put it on low flame with a heavy lead on.

When the vegetables are cooked halfway, add the sauted prawns, stir and again put the lead on. Continue cooking over low flame till the vegetables and prawns are well cooked.

Sprinkle the coriender leaves. By now, you will salivate with e nice aroma of the dish which is a signature smell of bati chorchori.

Mash some potato pieces with a spoon to make the gravy mildly thick. Add a spoonful of mustard oil and keep covered for 10 minutes.

serve hot with plain rice. You may mash one green chilli while eating if you like it hot. It is yam without that too.

let me know if you like this recipe.







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