Chicken Keema Biriyani


In the journey of my life, I think I have learned the meaning of true friendship, it is to stay connected, stay involved, have a little chitchat once in a while, fight for them and let them fight for you. Friends make life a bit more enjoyable and fun. As a child we used to have lot of friends during our school days, but as we grow old, and start getting other priorities of life, childhood friends get a backseat. I am no different and it happened to me too, but one get together after 28 years , and we all are like ecstatic. Nowadays we talk endlessly, giggle a lot, share our life stories, cry for other’s sorrow, feel elated for good news of others, specially when the news are revolving around our children , we share recipes, fitness tips, beauty tips, grooming , how to look and feel fabulous when you are approaching 50 and so on and so forth. 

As part of this sharing frenzy and for the sake of our friendship, I am planning to recreate the recipes from my friends in my kitchen and publish a post on the blog. Of course I will take permission from the concerned before mentioning her name on the blog.

The first person to get featured is Moumita, my childhood buddy and confidant since class I.  I have tried her keema biriyani at home and needless to say, it is awesome. It is a crowd pleaser too, so next time you are inviting your guests, plan this as your main and get lots of applause.


1.Basmati rice – 250 gms
2.Chicken keema- 500 gms
3.Onions -4, chopped4.Ginger paste – 1 tbsp
5.Garlic paste – 2 tsp
6.Whole garam masala(cinnamon stick,green catdamom,cloves, bayleaf, black pepper)
7.Cumin powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, salt, red chilli powder
8.Curd – 75 gms
9.Tomato – 2, chopped
10.Coriander leaves
11.Garam masala powder

Marinate the chicken keema with curd and salt and keep aside.

Heat water with whole garam malasa like bay leaves, cinnamon sticks, cloves, green cardamom and black pepper with few drops of oil. When water starts boiling, add the rice. Cook till the rice is 1/3 done.

Strain the water and cool the rice completely by spreading over a plate.

In a deep bottomed pan, add oil and ghee. Once it is hot, add the whole garam masala, and then chopped onion. Fry it till the onions turn golden.

Add ginger garlic paste and sauté well.

Add all ground masalas and fry well till oil comes out.

Now add the chicken keema and mix well with the masalas.


Add a splash of water and cook till the keema is done.

Check the seasoning and sprinkle some garam masala powder. Keep aside.

To arrange for biriyani, take a deep bottomed pan, heat oil and ghee. When it is hot, add joitri and bay leaf and then make a layer of cooked rice. Spread the cooked keema all over rice and then make a 3rd layer of cooked rice on top. Sprinkle some garam masala powder and keora water. Then spread chopped coriander leaves . Top up with some more ghee.

Put the vessel on low flame, tightly covered with a heavy lid on top.

Keep it for 15 minutes . Remove from heat and serve after 10-15 minutes of standing time.

Serve with butter milk or burhani.

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