Curried Rice Noodles

A hearty one pot meal by itself, this rice noodles dish is best enjoyed on a rainy evening or Winter night. I have used readymade red curry paste for this recipe. Use vegetable of your choice and sprinkle loads of coriander leaves at the end to get that spicy kick.


  • Rice Noodles – 1 pack
  • Coconut Milk – one pouch
  • Real Thai Red curry paste – 1 pack
  • Chicken – 300 gms, boneless
  • Vegetables of your choice. I have used pumpkin and green beans
  • Onion – 1, chopped
  • Green chilli – as per paste
  • Coriander Leaves – a bunch

Cook the rice noods as per the pack instruction and keep aside. Steam the vegetables lightly and keep aside. Reserve the liquid. Pressure cook the chicken with bayleaf. Reserve the stock.

In a wok, add white oil, then add chopped onion and green chilli. Fry a little.

Then add the red curry paste and mix well with onions.

Sprinkle the reserved stock and cook till oil comes out of the masalas. Then add the boiled chicken and stir to coat them with masalas.

Next goes the steamed veggies.

After 30 seconds add the vegetable and chicken stock and boil over low heat for 5-7 minutes.

Then add a cup of coconut milk and mix well.

Boil for 10 minutes over very low heat. Adjust the seasoning. The gravy is ready.

To serve, arrange the prepared noodles in a bowl, then add the chicken vegetable soup over it. The noodles should be submerged in the soup. Sprinkle fresh coriander leaves and chopped onions and serve hot.

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