Mourola machh er karai paturi

An old world recipe where fresh small fishes are slow cooked with various spices over very low heat and resulted in a divine dish. 



  • Mourola Machh – 300 gms
  • Mustard and Poppy seed paste – 3 tbsp
  • Green chilli paste – as per taste
  • Onion – 1, chopped
  • Methi seeds – 1/2 tsp
  • Mustard Oil
  • Salt and Turmeric

Wash and clean the fishes. Marinate the fish with mustard and poppy seed paste, salt, turmeric, green chilli paste and 1 tbsp of mustard oil for 30 minutes.


Heat a generous amount of mustard oil in a pan, when it is hot, add the methi seeds.


When the seeds turn black, remove from heat and discard the seeds. The idea is to infuse the smell into the oil. Next add the onions and fry for 30-40 seconds.


Spread the onions evenly onto the pan and then pour the marinated fish mixture into it. Spread it carefully with a spatula.


Lower the heat to the minimum and cover the pan with a tight lid. Let it simmer till the oil comes out of the surface and the fish is cooked.


Enjoy with plain rice with a dash of lemon.