Madhu Parko – Honey Yogurt

Time to have some sweet dish. This super yummy, fuss free baked dessert is so easy and quick to make, you can serve it in every party and get huge applause from family and friends. The name ‘Madhu Parko’ has a little bit of background. When we do a puja at home, once the puja is over, the priest makes a concoction of curd, sandesh, honey, sugar and ghee or clarified butter and give it to the fasting devotees to break their fast. This delicious concoction is known as ‘Madhu Parko’. When I was arranging the ingredients of this dessert, I realised that they form the basis of that ‘Madhu Parko’ and hence the name.


  • Sweet Curd / yogurt- 400 gms
  • Khoya Kheer – 150 gms
  • Home made chhana – made from 1 litre milk
  • Honey – 1 tbsp
  • Cashew nut, Kishmish – 2 tbsp

Blend all the ingredients except dry fruits in a blender till smooth.

In a microwave safe bowl, pour the mixture. Sprinkle half of the dry fruits. Microwave for 3 minutes over high heat.

Let it cool. Then refrigerate for 2 hours. When serving, scoop onto the serving bowl. Sprinkle some more dry fruits and serve chilled.