Thandai Flavoured Mousse – Holi Special

Holi,or the Festival of Colours is here. Though I am not a big fan of this festival because of various reasons, and I like observing this from a distance, and not be a part of it, still I like the vibrant and colorful spirit of this. Our Bollywood Movies are full of Holi sequences with the most rhythmic songs and dance and I like those songs, but again from a distance. This Holi celebrations are incomplete without a glass of thandai, which is a milk based thirst-quencher, very tasty and cooling and a perfect mood setter for playing colours. 
Last year I made a traditional Thandai, the recipe of which can be found here. However, this year I made the same Thandai with a twist and it become a MOUSSE!!!


  • Almonds – 20
  • Cashewnut – 15
  • Poppy Seeds – 3 tbsp
  • Black Pepper corn – 1 tsp
  • Orange Jelly crystals – 2 tsp
  • Orange Essence – few drops
  • Rose Water – few drops
  • milk – 1.5 cup 
  • Powdered sugar – 3 tbsp, as per taste
  • Beaten whipped cream – 1 cup
  • saffron strands as reqd
  • Cardamom powder – a fat pinch
Soak the nuts in water for 30 minutes, then peel the almond. Mix poppy seeds, black pepper corn and grind to a fine paste. Add little water if required.

Combine Jelly crystals,, 1/2 cup water and milk in a deep pan and bring it to boil, stirring continuously. Add the sugar and the nut etc paste, mix well and cook on a medium flame for about a minute or two, stirring continuously.

 Remove from the flame and let the mixture cool and thicken. Whisk the mixture vigorously to avoid any lumps. Add the beaten whipped cream and a few drops of orange essence to the mixture. Fold in gently. I have added few drops of rose water as well.
Pour equal quantity of mixture in glasses and refrigerate for at least 2-3 hours or till it sets.
Sprinkle cardamom powder on the top. Garnish with saffron strands and serve chilled.

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