Bhapa Doi – Baked Yogurt

Bhapa Doi ( baked yogurt) is a Bengali Delicacy enjoyed by all bengali foodies. It is kind of a baked dessert that I usually make  in microwave, however, you can use the traditional way of making it in the double boiler as well. Very easy and quick to make, and delicious too.
In this version, I have added some mango slices and it becomes Aam Doi. However, you may omit the mango and follow the rest of the steps to get delicious bhapa doi.Bhapa Doi


  • Hung Curd – 400 gms , ( I usually buy 500 gms of normal doi or yogurt and strain it overnight to get my share of hung curd).
  • Milkmaid – 1 can / 400 ml (sweetened condensed milk)
  • Full Cream Milk – 400 ml
  • Mango – 2, sliced

How to prepare:

In a mixer bowl, add the hung curd, milk and milk maid (sweetened condensed milk)  and run it for 2 minutes till the mixture is smooth. If you are making Aam doi, add the mango slices in the mixer bowl too and give it a final whiz.

Make sure, the mixture does not have any lump.

Pour the mixture in a microwave safe bowl and micro on high for 4 minute. Keep it inside the microwave for 30 more minutes . Then remove, cool it and refrigerate. Bhapa doi is ready to be served.
Bhapa Doi