Neem Begun (Brinjal and Neem)

I love neem begun so much that I can finish a whole plate of rice with it. It is a typical bengali food and also very good for your digestive system. It might taste bitter but try it it will do you good =D……………..




  • Tender neem leaves-2 to 3 bunches
  • Brinjal-1/2 (diced)
  • Ghee-1 tsp
  • Salt and Turmeric-1/2 tsp each
  • Oil for frying



Take the fleshy part of the brinjal and dice it. Coat with salt and turmeric and keep it aside for sometime.

Heat oil in a kadai and fry the brinjal till it is golden-brown. Remove from heat and keep it aside.



Add ghee in the kadai and heat it till smoking hot.Now add the neem leaves and fry them until crunchy.

When almost done add the fried brinjal and mix them thoroughly.

Adjust the seasoning and serve hot with rice.

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